The Chuckwagon Revival


Episode 4 sprints and does not cup.
In which Freeland and Seth are joined by high school friend Louie Kiskowski. They delve through the haze and recall a time Freeland had to make it home on foot and completely naked. Freeland also shares with us a recent accident story and we become acquainted with his “line.”

Artwork by Devin Symons

Here is episode three of Freeland Story Hour.  It’s a good one.  Lots of shit talk for sure.  Make sure to follow the Freeland Story Hour tumblr as well.


In which Freeland and Seth are joined by high school friend Chris Willis to piece together the tale of the paper mache duck.  Freeland creates a game called 4 Non-Fictions and a Fiction and we are all grossed out.

Artwork by Devin Symons


In which we venture Inside Bryan Freeland and explore his spring break in the mountains, his chapped ass, and find out how he managed to pay none of that fine from last episode.

The new podcast, Freeland Story Hour, just released its second episode.  Enjoy.

Here it is folks.  The first episode of the Freeland Story Hour.  We submitted to iTunes tonight so you should be able to subscribe through iOS devices by the middle of the week or so.  Enjoy.


In which Freeland regales us with stories about a man in black chasing a car with a knife, an exorbitant library fine, and a homeless woman by a police car.

Freeland Story Hour Artwork by Devin Symons

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Episode 140 has just been cutting onions…that’s all.

In which the guys say goodbye with the help of a few of the guests the Chuckwagon has seen over its tenure.

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Episode 139 is the amalgamation of masochism and a terrible television show.

In which John and Seth discuss the specialest of ops and how incompetent Seagal really is while finishing the worst series in television history, True Justice.

Episode 138 is about to start something.

In which Seth and Freeland lay out the future and embark on a new journey.

Episode 137 puts the she in she crab soup.

In which the guys are terrible at making a schedule and give you several unheard segments from the cutting room floor.  Bits include Freeland’s book mania, how toxic Halloween costumes are, sad lunches, Freeland trying to open a can of she crab soup, Freeland as a thief, the market price of a blowjob, eating expired foods, and Freeland dropping mouse traps down his pants.

Episode 136 flips its steaks too early.

In which the guys, plus Derek Tokaz, discuss revenge against Pep Boys, when to pull your pants up in public restroom, father lectures, the age of consent Google map, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Cat Stevens, Ricky Jay, Zulu, rugby culture, death by atomic wedgie, Sherlock Holmes pun pitches, and that time Freeland electrocuted himself.

Episode 135 feels your pain…all of it.

In which Freeland sets about finding a personal center by photographing snow owls, Seth pitches a Chuckwagon Revival card game, and John attends another terrible wedding. The guys discuss Arrow, Anchorman 2, American Hustle, and the Wolf of Wall Street.  Seth shares what traumas people have brought to their penises, John pitches a classic 80s flick with an unconventional cast, and Freeland lets us guess what his resolutions are for this year.

Episode 134 is in the woods…waiting.

In which the guys discuss their Christmases which included tears, wine, knives, lectures, and anthropomorphic dog and cat detectives.  Freeland watches a bunch of movies and John tells of an unfortunate trip to Sea World from his youth.  The gang answers a few questions from Yahoo Answers and then pitches a new TV show about a lady in love with a ferris wheel.

Episode 133 is working on its business plan.

In which Freeland returns and there is much rejoicing.  The gang provides some needed business advice to Freeland who is looking to start his own company.  Seth sees a baby get changed in a Fuddruckers booth.  John pitches a television show about a time traveling microwave.

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Episode 132 is a brick layer’s convention.

In which John and Seth discuss the differences between a pile of bricks and a brick wall.  Meanwhile, Seagal murders more people and brings down the Yakuza in a very roundabout way, like decapitation.

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Episode 131 can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

In which John and Seth have issues that require tissues.  Seagal deals with the Yakuza and a guy who had his house foreclosed on.  He also giggles like the Pillsbury Dough Boy and isn’t sure what an orifice is.

That is Steven Seagal in a big freaking beard.  Bask in it.  It’s okay.  It’s amazing.

That is Steven Seagal in a big freaking beard.  Bask in it.  It’s okay.  It’s amazing.